Wanchen Deleo Wire & Cable Manufacturing has over 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of wire and cable and has serviced customers worldwide with stock designs and custom cables based on our customers specific requirements. Our cables are 100% manufactured in Taiwan in our Taoyuan factory located 30 minutes from Taiwan's international airport and 40 minutes from Taiwan's main international shipping port Keelung.

Our manufacturing capabilities include: Teflon Wire & Cable, Control cable, Hi-Fi Cable, Communications Cable, CNC cable, High Voltage Cable, Power Cable, UL/VDE listed Cables and Wire, Military grade cable, Digital Coax cable, Computer Cable, Marine Cable, Security Cable, Fire Retardant Cable, LSZH Cable, XLPE Cable, Chain Cables, Braided Wire, FEP pipe heating cable, appliance and heavy machinery hookup wire, and wire harness cable.

Our engineers and staff are fluent in English and are eager to develop and design cables and components that fit each client's requirements.

Our many years of cable production have enabled us to design and developed products for many famous brands and companies worldwide from specialized Teflon and enamel pure silver wiring for amplifiers and speakers to full Hi-Fi cable lines ready for direct resale and industrial control cables for precision CNC machinery. We offer fully assembled and tested cables and can work with customers to design other key components that are unique to their product line, brand identity and product application.

Custom samples take about 15 days and we have our own in house testing machines to insure our cables meet all electrical and safety requirements of our clients and various certification agencies such as VDE, TUV and UL.

Please feel free to email your requirements to us for a speedy quotation!