Braided Wire (Bus Bar, Ground Wire)

Our skilled engineers and technicians have over 20years experience in manufacturing flat, round, braided and insulated braided wire in various configurations and constructions.

Our braided wire constructions can be fabricated utilizing specialty materials such as nickel-plated copper, silver plated, oxygen free copper, steel, and tin plated wire from 4 carrier to 48 carrier multi-strand constructions.

Applications for our braided wire are as follows: ground straps, busbar, EMI/RF shielding, test equipment, Switch Gear Boxes and protective braids such as automobile braided hose, aerospace /defense and EV applications.

  • Braided copper wire for industrial applications
  • Knitted braided wire for EMI/RFI shielding. Application: Military, Electronic instrument panel protection
  • 12 braiding machines onsite, we can offer braid using up to 48 carriers and with various wire and conductor combiinations.
  • Braided OFC Copper. See downloads page for sizes and options.
  • Braided OFC Copper and Tin Plated Wire, Flat See downloads page for complete list of sizes.
  • Tin plated braided wire flat. Can be pre-cut, tinned and assembled with connectors on request.