Packaging & Design (Spool, Box, Assembly)

We have available a large range of packaging options to our clients for wire, cable and fully assembled direct sale products. We offer cable and wire on spools, in various materials, sizes, and stock most common spool/reel sizes onsite. We also can provide custom spool designs on request and package spools in printed cartons with your company's logo and shipping instructions. As an added service our in-house assembly department can prepare cables pre-cut, pre-stripped and tinned in your requested length or specific requirement. Finally for consumer electronic, High End or direct resale cables we offer full assembly with connectors and also can provide design and packaging solutions so our client's products are ready to sell once they arrive. As with all of our manufacturing processes everything is inspected and tested by our quality control team before it leaves our factory.

  • Teflon Insulated hook-up wire in rolls and various spool sizes
  • Custom cut and wound 150m rolls of appliance hook-up wire
  • Spools and reels in stock in Plastic, Paper, Wood and Metal. Custom spool sizes and colors can be supplied on request
  • Large range of packaging options for finished cables and connectors : Oak veneer boxes, blister/clamshell packs, printed high gloss stickers, high gloss insert cards
  • Wooden Drum (300m) spools for high voltage control cables.