Insulating Tube (Printed Shrink, PTFE, Fiberglass)

We offer our customers and clients a wide range of custom printed heat shrink tubing in sizes from 8mm -50mm diameters. Customer's logos and cable descriptions can be screened printed directly on 2:1 and 3:1 shrink tubing and machined cut in various lengths. Our custom formulated inks are long lasting and we have a wide range of heat shrink tubing colors to choose from to give your cable a distinctive and unique look.

We also offer high temperature fiberglass braided silicone tube in sizes from 2mm to 20mm used for testing probes, testing equipment and high temperature applications.

  • PTFE Tube , PE Tube, Teflon Tube. Sizes: 1mm-10mm Custom extrusions on request. See pdf.
  • We offer custom printed heat shrink with your logo. Sizes: 6mm to 50mm, Paint: Custom formulated for shrink tube applications.
  • 3:1, 2:1 Thin wall Heat shrink in a variety of colors. Supplied on spools or machine cut at any requested length. See pdf for detailed specifications
  • Fiberglass Silicone Tube: High Abrasion Resistance, Application: Automotive, test instruments, & high temperature environments. See pdf