FEP/ETFE/PFA (Teflon/Neoflon Insulated Cable)

Our Extruded FEP, ETFE, and PFA insulated high voltage wire and cable offers exceptional durability, heat resistance and dielectric strength making it the perfect choice over other similarly rated materials that require larger extrusion diameters. Fluoropolymer extruded wires and cables offer a reduced thickness over silicone while staying within the same operating perimeters allowing for more lightweight and low profile cable and wire harness designs.

Ideal for applications where harnesses and hook-up wires must be resistant to damage from sharp edges or abrasive surfaces such as high voltage power supplies, and transformers. Also ideal in high temperature environments where equipment is subject to high heat and rapid cooling.

Common applications include: Wire harness assembly, hook-up wire for control panels, medical equipment wire and cable, motor & transformer lead wires, batteries, UPS and invertors, jumper cable and wires, appliance wiring, computers, PDA, cellphone wiring, military and signal equipment wiring, aircraft wiring and a host of other custom applications.

We have many UL certified wires in stock and can custom manufacture cables to meet your requirements with very low lead times.

  • Our Factory has three dedicated Teflon extruders manufacturing PFA, ETFE and FEP wires. Diameters from 0.1mm -10mm.
  • Thermocouple extension wires used to extend the signal from a probe to instrumentation, FEP insulation, solid or stranded configurations, single pair & multipair thermocouple extension cables.
  • Large inventory of FEP/ETFE/PFA solid and stranded wires in accordance to UL standards, UL1745, UL1835, UL1980, UL10156, UL10072
  • UL 20768, UL 20469 Stranded/solid, FEP Insulated twisted pairs, Application: Internal wiring, class 2 circuits, electronics
  • UL20145, UL 20308, UL20262, Stranded/solid, FEP Insulated twisted pairs, optional braid Application: Heating cable, Thermister lead cable
  • Our large inventory of insulated wires enables to offer custom samples with short lead times for cables which require Telfon type insulation such as FEP, ETFE, and PFA.